American Foundry
Investment Advisors, LLC

Providing strategic growth capital to help meet the working capital needs of small and medium size businesses in the United States.

American Foundry Investment Advisors, LLC is a joint-venture between Capital Foundry, LLC (“CF”) and American Elm Holding, LLC (”American Elm”).

American Foundry provides strategic growth capital to meet the needs of small and medium size businesses in the United States.

American Elm plus Capital Foundry equals American Foundry

Why American Foundry?

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Mission Driven

Focused on Small Businesses with:

  • Revenues under $50mm
  • Strong Management Teams
  • Undercapitalized / Underbanked
  • Positive Net Income
  • Lines up to $10mm
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Significant Experience

Seasoned Team with:

  • Over 90 years combined experience
  • Established Track Record
  • Expertise in Asset Management
  • Background in asset-based lending
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Market Strategies

Liquid Collateral Driven Approach:

  • Receivables Collect in under 90 days
  • High Quality Debtors
  • High Growth Prospects
  • Innovation Encouraged
  • Provide financing at other levels of capital stack

Investment Strategy

Investments are expected to primarily be in the acquisition or provision of debt to small to medium sized companies that:

  • Have potential for long term growth and a strong management team;
  • Operate in industries with strong potential growth;
  • Appear to be undervalued and require capital to increase revenue, margins, and profits.

The Fund’s investment objective is to seek investment opportunities that will provide total return of the Fund's investment plus a reasonable rate of return on such investment.

The Fund will achieve its investment objective by making primarily structured credit and secured debt investments in small businesses and middle-market companies operating across various industries and in need of capital for growth, acquisitions, buyouts, or for other purposes.

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Meet the American Foundry Team

Michael Ponticello

Michael Ponticello

Chief Executive Officer

Experience in the asset finance and equipment fund space

Thomas G Donahue

Thomas G. Donahue

President & CIO

Experience in mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, and private equity matters

Neal Shipley

Neal Shipley

Chief Operating Officer

Has led major capital markets teams for PNC and Huntington Bank.

John Fox

John Fox

Chief Risk Officer

Served as Chief Executive Officer of Forest Capital LLC and Rockland Credit Finance LLC

Jessica Murray

Jessica Murray

Chief Compliance Officer

Experience in the banking and investments industry fund space

julie bruno

Julie Bruno

Vice President, Operations & Compliance Officer

Operations and Compliance experience in the banking and investment industries

Christina Oakes

Christina Oakes

Senior Vice President, Investor Relations

Investor Relations experience with Limited Partnerships across multiple asset classes

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